Rent a property

For many years, our real estate agency has also been providing lessors and potential tenants with a complete legal service, which is included in the price of the commission, so our clients do not pay any additional fees. We will ensure the drafting of rental and sublease agreements. We will then draw up the handover protocol for the property. If necessary, we will arrange for termination of the lease or sublease.

As part of the approximation of our service, we would like to introduce you to our ten - the strategy of our brokers, which they apply when communicating with the client and in the process of renting your property, and thus try to find a suitable tenant for you as efficiently as possible.

  1. The broker will arrange a meeting with you, and before you even start offering your apartment or house for rent, you will discuss together what kind of tenant you are looking for. Do you require a short-term or long-term rental relationship? Is it supposed to be a non-smoker? How many people can use your apartment or house?
  1. An experienced broker will help you determine the amount of the rent and also how the new tenant will pay for utilities and services related to housing. We have two variants, the first is an agreement on reasonable monthly deposits and energy to always be registered in your name. At the end of the calendar year, you will make a settlement. The second option is if the tenant has energy written on him, so you are not responsible for any arrears.
  1. A real estate agent will advise you on the setting of the rent, who must evaluate the usual price in the locality and undoubtedly also take into account the equipment of the apartment. If the rent is too high, your apartment will remain unoccupied for a long time, on the other hand, the apartment rental price which is too low carries other risks, for example repairs.
  1. We look for a tenant in our extensive client database or use various advertising websites. In the rental offer or during the consultation with the broker, state all your requirements for the tenant, so that only relevant applicants apply, but expect that those who do not meet your specified requirements will also apply.
  1. The advantage is having your own real estate agent who will organize a tour of the property and you will not have to go to every tour or communicate with dozens of potential tenants.
  1. Everyone who is interested in renting an apartment or a house should be present at each inspection of the property. If you will be present at the tours, use your intuition and consult with your broker.
  1. If you and the broker have found a suitable tenant, the first step is to check whether the potential tenant is in the foreclosure or insolvency register. If everything is in order, then nothing prevents the processing of the reservation contract, on the basis of which the broker ends all advertising and communication with potential clients. After payment of the reservation fee, the broker commissions the preparation of a detailed rental agreement, which contains all arrangements and agreements between the lessor and the lessee, and also adjusts possible sanctions for non-payment of rent, damage to the apartment's furnishings, or non-compliance with the agreement in general.
  1. Check with your insurance company or financial advisor whether your insurance covers any damage caused by the tenant using the apartment to third parties, if not, it is better to take out additional insurance. Require the tenant to take out liability insurance, known as foolproof insurance.
  1. The broker will help the tenant with other services, for example with the Internet, payment for municipal waste or establishing a permanent residence. You don't have to worry about anything anymore, and the broker will inform you about his every step.
  1. Whenever you are unsure about something during the search for a new tenant, do not hesitate to contact your broker and he will always provide you with professional advice or legal assistance. We are here for you!


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