Real estate consultation and valuation

On the basis of cooperation with verified appraisers and experts, we will ensure the processing of expert opinions quickly, with high quality and at a reasonable price. We don't just provide estimates, we do them ourselves based on authorization. In the case of a mortgage, our financial advisor will provide you with a free estimate.

  • Estimated market price - Our real estate market expert will estimate the real selling price of the property for free.
  • When selling real estate - For the purposes of the tax office to assess the tax on the acquisition of real estate, which is paid by the seller, unless the parties agree otherwise. Since 2014, the legal obligation to always document an expert opinion on real estate drawn up by a court expert appointed in the field of economics has ceased to exist. The tax can be calculated from the price determined by an expert opinion or indicative estimate according to the will of the taxpayer (adjusted by the relevant coefficients), or from the purchase price (if it is higher than the adjusted price).
  • When buying real estate - Estimation of the usual (market) price of the real estate, for the purposes of credit procedures at banking institutions. It is prepared according to the internal guidelines of each bank in order to assess the suitability of the collateral. Each bank has its contract appraisers certified for this purpose. One appraiser can be certified in several banking institutions. So the choice should be based on which bank or banks the estimate is to be used for.
  • For the needs of courts and notaries: Determination of the usual price of real estate requested by the court or notary. It is usually carried out by a licensed appraiser, but an expert from a real estate agency is no exception. Cases where it is applied, for example:
  1. during court appearances
  2. divorce proceedings
  3. heritage
  4. property settlement (participating co-owners, relatives, etc.)

Do you want to buy your own home and are you wondering how advantageous a mortgage will be for you? We will be happy to provide you with the necessary information that will facilitate your decision and help you find the right path to better living.


  • We will provide you with a Hypoteční banka mortgage specialist who will advise you on choosing a suitable mortgage
  • It goes without saying that an individual approach and a complete service related to the conclusion of a mortgage are provided.
  • We work directly with a mortgage advisor. We will handle everything for you. It saves your time and, above all, money.
  • We guarantee a refund of the reservation fee in case of non-approval of the mortgage.
  • Our specialist is based right in the building with us

fee for processing a mortgage loan CZK 0.00

fee for estimating the property's value CZK 0.00

loan administration fee CZK 0.00 ​


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