Legal service

Our real estate agency provides a complete legal service for the seller and buyer clientele, which is included in the price of the commission, so our clients no longer pay any additional fees.

We provide all legal services related to the sale and purchase of real estate

  • legal advice in connection with real estate transfers
  • drawing up contracts and proposals for depositing rights in the real estate cadastre and their consultation;
  • verification of signatures;
  • legal custody of money and documents;
  • submission of a proposal for the deposit of the ownership right in the cadastre, payment of the fee, supervision of the proceedings;
  • preparation of the tax return, provision of an expert opinion, if needed.

The legal service provides:

attorney Mgr. Pavel Bareš

Registration number 11052

ID number 71457828

with registered office at Dřevařská 855/12, Brno, 602 00


lawyer Mgr. Tereza Haraštová

Registration number 16258

ID 04005937

with registered office at Olomoucká 17a, 618 00 Brno


Safekeeping of money:

The safekeeping of funds serves to increase the security of the seller and the buyer until the agreed conditions are met.

Custody is legal, bank and notary.

The lawyer's deposit is included in the legal service, the notary and bank deposit is paid by the proposer of the deposit.

Attorney custody is provided by attorney Mgr. Pavel Bareš


Our legal services in the field of real estate rental

We provide a comprehensive legal service within the entire process of renting real estate to their owners as well as potential interested parties. We will draw up rental and sublease contracts and, after signing these contracts, we will then draw up the transfer protocol for the property. If necessary, we will arrange for termination of the lease or sublease.

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